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With diamond tears

Imagine if we embraced and celebrated softness, generosity, and empathy as fundamental human strengths capable of positively transforming humanity.

In this dynamic dance piece, we delve into the reclamation of traditionally female-associated characteristics like vulnerability, softness, empathy, and emotionality, which are frequently cast in a negative light within our modern neoliberal society. However, rather than perpetuating these stereotypes, we choose to celebrate and embrace these very traits as fundamental human strengths. By doing so, we unlock their potential to empower and uplift individuals, fostering positive change for all.

Choreography: Audrey Wagner

Rehearsal Director: Georgia Paliogianni

Dancers: Gabrièle Andziulyte, Emma Bas Gonzalez, Ana Blattner, Irene Branchesi, Jane Gotsmann

Music: Work it – Marie Davidson, Unicorn Dance – Travis Lake

Costume: Berend Voorhaar


26.04.2024 Gessnerallee Bühne A, RAW Projects MA Contemporary Dance ZHdK

Further performances:

27.04.2024 Gessnerallee Bühne A, RAW Projects MA Contemporary Dance ZHdK

14.09.2024 KleinKunstRallye, TanzOrt am Gleis Winterthur

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