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A duet about the controversial side of authenticity on social media

RED - long version

RED takes a humorous look at the controversial side of authenticity on social media. Famous influencers and celebrity starlets call for #selflove and #bodypositivity. At the same time, they show themselves heavily made up, distorted with filters and sometimes operated on or with pumped-up muscles in order to correspond to a certain ideal of beauty. Is that paradoxical ? What does it mean to be yourself in a time where everything can be optimized? What am I doing for myself and what for others? A youtube tutorial on the perfect red lips leads through this humorous dance theater piece. The duet shows society's expectations of the human body. Bodies are actively sexualized, capitalized and politicized. The dancers look for new perspectives, break down prejudices and address their own incorporated stereotypes.

Length: approx. 50min

Music: Mika Vainio, Kevin MacLeod, Shirin David, Grandbrothers

Voice: Annabelle Sersch

Outside eye: Sonia Rocha

Costume design: Jamina Dervishaj

Light design: Raphael Vuilleumier

Technician: Jon Brunke


04. September 2021 at the Theater am Gleis, Winterthur


27. November 2021 at Tanzfestival Winterthur

Further performances:

07. December 2021 Grabenhalle, St. Gallen

08. December 2021 Grabenhalle, St. Gallen

8. September 2022 Presswerk, Arbon

12. November 2022 Kulturhaus Helferei, Zürich

12. May 2023 Tanzfest Winterthur, Theater am Gleis

21. November 2023 Tanzfestival Winterthur, Theater am Gleis

05. May 2024 Tanzfest St. Gallen, Offene Kirche

RED - short version

Does feminity mean sexy? Are red lips an invitation to kiss? Two women analyse female stereotypes and fight against cultural inscriptions. They explore how their own identity as women and dancers has been influenced by stereotypes. Through personal experiences the dancers dissect the expecations society has on the female body.

Choreography and dance: Audrey Wagner and Linda Heller

Length: 18min

Music: Mika Vainio, Kevin MacLeod

Voice: Annabelle Sersch

Outside eye: Sonia Rocha


10. October 2019 at the Open Space in Hard (AT)

Further performances:

08. May 2021 Tanzfest Winterthur

08. March 2020 Theater ONO in Bern for the international women's day

07. March 2020 Löwenarena in Sommeri

02. November 2019 National conference "Business and Professional Women" in Romanshorn

28. October 2021 Jungkunst Winterthur

29. October 2021 Jungkunst Winterthur

07. May 2022 Performance Day of Kunsthalle Arbon

30. July 2022 Summer Jam of Stylize Productions, Zürich

Photo: Lorenz Elmiger

RED Trailer
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